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Bryony 24th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator
I am looking for unique Christmas party theme ideas:
we have a big big turn out had over 200 for our summer BBQ and Christmas we expect the same and they are expecting BIG theme after the success of a circle summer party.
Last year we did UGLY JUMPER party so looking for something unique and memorable please x
Morgan 26th Oct 2018 Activity Director
Christmas Socks, Christmas Slippers, Christmas Headwear is always a fun one too (hats, headbands, etc.)
Linda 29th Oct 2018 Recreation Therapist
For your Xmas themed items
a couple, guess the number of lollies in a huge jar
$1-00 to play a fund raiser at the same time for you

Table xmas chorals everyplace has the words of the songs to be sang everyone loves this
Molly 4th Nov 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Bryony, maybe choose a favorite Christmas movie as a theme? White Christmas or Miracle on 34th Street are classics and you can try to recreate a scene for the party? Turn your activities room into Macy's and have a Santa set up like they do in Miracle on 34th Street.
Sharese 5th Nov 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
The last two years we have created a 'Santa's cove', like a photo booth for families. We decorate a corner, or room with all things Christmas; lights, tree, presents, reindeer, angels, etc... We ask a resident or family member to play Santa, and provide a Santa suit. Families can then sit with Santa and have their family photo taken. We charge $5 for a photo. This activity grows each year and the residents look forward to this as do the families. We print off the photo's and place them in a nice decorated cardboard photo frame and give to families. This is also a good fundraiser.
Doris 6th Nov 2018 Activity Coordinator
Great idea, I'll do it!!
Ruth 8th Nov 2018 Day Support Manager
A vintage Christmas will go down well. Bring back the simplicity of those days. Get a piano player so you can have carols around the piano like they did in their own homes. Punch bowls for drinks and traditional veg and turkey. You will have to cater for other tastes food wise but if the theme is a vintage Christmas it can involve a lot of talking about what Christmas use to be like before the Sept start in the shops, computers, telephones, TV's and the way it is now. Christmas then was about family and coming together what a lovely memory to leave your guests with.

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