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Jodie 7th Nov 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hello from Sydney, Australia. My name is Jodie & I am a current Lifestyle Coordinator.
We have a male resident who used to be a painter and enjoys fixing things has a habit of unpicking residents clothings. HE has gone through 6 garbage bags and it is costing a fortune for us to replace. Do you have any good activities that are something to be do fixing, or undoing things and doing them back up that may help this man be distracted from unpicking so many of our other residents clothing? we have tried so much, but have had no luck. Thank you in advance :) <3
Solange 8th Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jodi. I would start by going to a charity shop and getting half a dozen hand knitted pullovers for him to unpick. You could also try giving him some knots to un-do; a long, thick length of cord/rope with a few sailor knots. If it is possible to give him a couple of tools he could dismantle an old wooden doll’s house or bird’s nest. Also, find out what sort of music he listened to at age of 15 to 25 and have it as background while he ‘works’. The music may affect him in surprising ways. All the best.
Susan 8th Nov 2018 Activity Director
We had a resident who did that
He was very prim and proper and liked wearing ties so we gave him a bunch of untided ties for him to tie for us
This will probably keep him busy for a little while
We could also untangle things like tangled up Christmas lights or string
You could also give him a painting project to do
Get him a big piece of wood let him sand it and then paint it
But Use washable paint because he could make a mess

It is getting close to Christmas maybe he could decorate a tree for you
Try some activities listed here
Another idea is to find a male volunteer to do some one to one things with him
Carol 13th Nov 2018 Activities Coordinator
You could ask in your community if there are any charitable or unique businesses/places who are repurposing clothing. See if they would like to deliver their old products to be dismantled or unpicked before they collect them again to repurpose.
deborah 11th Jan 2019
i have a resident with dementia who used to work with iron he also liked to go to the pub any activities i could give him to do would be most helpful

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