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Heather 10th Jan 2019 Admin Coordinator
Hello, we are a small community and our local daycare would like to come visit our residents once a week? The children will be from 3-5 years old. Any suggestions on what we could do for activities that would engage both the child and resident?
Lynette 10th Jan 2019 Activity Coordinator
Hi Heather, What I have found with the teacher or carer will get in touch each week and have something in mind to do or you both work out the activity together.At Christmas time we had the school children from grade 1 visit and we had all the coloured paper ready to make paper chains to decorate the Christmas tree. Perhaps with Australia day coming up it would be good to do the same with yellow and blue paper to decorate the facility.
Alison 15th Jan 2019
Hi we have been building intergenerational relationships for some time now and we have done everything from bean bag target games, coconut shy, tin can alley to arts and crafts projects. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you see the relationships blossoming from these activities. Depending on needs it’s either the senior helping the child or vice versa. Enjoy your time and good luck
Kay 16th Jan 2019
Hi . We have had an intergenerational project running for almost 2 years now. We do crafts, games, card making etc . Each week we liaise with the childminder and decide on a topic or activity. We made table centres at christmas on log slices, we have iced gingerbread men & made banana ghosts. We are lucky to have been given a lot of materials, but before that we took it in turns to provide the necessary . Our residents love having the children around. Good luck and have fun, and prepare to be very flexible
Molly 18th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Heather, what a wonderful way to bring the generations together. In my experience, when these two generations meet they often take it upon themselves and engage quite naturally. But, balloon volley and sing along songs could be fun for both groups! Or even arts and crafts.
Kat 29th Jan 2019 Life Enrichment Director
Arts and crafts that the seniors can help the kids with.

Reading time! Have some seniors volunteer to read a story to the kids.

Pizza party. Who doesn’t love pizza!?

Card making.

Cookie decorating.
Susan 30th Jan 2019 Activity Director
Bird feeders out of pipe cleaners and cheerios. We did it with youngsters and shaped them in heart shaped and hung in trees. Good for birds and fun to do together.
Annatjie 15th Aug 2023 Nursing Manager
I would love to attempt a Card making activity for my Residents. Does anybody have some ideas or templates we could use for birthday cards or any other type of cards? I would appreciate your input!

Kind regards

Annatjie Greeff, South Africa

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