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Bronwyn 15th Jan 2019 Support Worker/RAO
Hi Everyone I'm looking for easy but effective craft ideas with plastic bottle tops, you know the ones off your coke or water bottle. I am also looking at 1:1 ideas working with a client who has early onset Dementia, they love to paint, however on these hot days, 4hrs outside under a Aussie awning is too much!! So what would you suggest we could do. Our company is very big on the Montessori Principles.. Thanks again :-)
Molly 18th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Bronwyn, If you have hot glue handy and enough bottle caps you could make coasters or even a door wreath. Is there a nook space by a window you could convert into a painting spot or seated area so they could still look outside? It might be a fun project to let them help design the space, too.
Susan 19th Jan 2019 Activity Director
I have big used bottle caps for bingo markers for those who have limited hand movement
You could decorate the bottle caps if you want
Bronwyn 19th Jan 2019 Support Worker/RAO
Hi Molly that sounds great will try that (Coasters) as for the door wreath where would I look for that? Pinterest? Or on this terrific site? Unfortunately there isn’t a area to look out, that’s just the design of the house plus we need to be in air conditioning.

Hi Susan I am with client in their home 1:1 on this day, so the Bingo markers are a wonderful idea but I am wanting a idea for just them, I am wracking my brain.

It needs to be easy.

Thanks Bron
Molly 28th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Bronwyn,

Yes, there are options on Pinterest here

And yes, Golden Carers have a ton of options for bottle caps

(Would love to see a picture of what you all create!)
Bronwyn 28th Jan 2019 Support Worker/RAO
Hi Molly

Thank you again, I could get to that Pinterest link it wouldnt open and the craft on Golden Carers was mainly bottles not the tops :-(
Talita 2nd Feb 2019
Oh shame the link didn't work for you Bronwyn, it works for me and there are some great ideas there. Perhaps you can try copying and pasting the link into a browser if clicking it doesn't work. Good luck!

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