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Melissa 25th Jan 2019 Day Therapy Coordiantor
what activities is everyone planning for Valentines Day? Many thanks
Talita 27th Jan 2019
Hi Melissa,

There are some activity ideas here:

This is also a good question to ask on our facebook group!
Molly 28th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Melissa,

Valentine's Day card making in arts and crafts is probably one of my favorite because so many residents want to make something for their loved ones (and staff!) Also, interesting tidbit I just heard on the radio the other day the candy sweethearts with sweet messages on them won't be reshelved this year, so it may make for an interesting "in the news."
Megan 30th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant
We also get our residents to communicate what love means to them, write it down, paint etc, craft an old card into a love heart and place on a board and afterwards we put it on their door..also can laminate if time permits
Nancy 2nd Feb 2021 Recreation Therapist
We have done a baby picture guess who. Very fun. Scan the pictures and give em back so you don't loose any, which i have done. Put up on a board numbered and see who can guess staff and residents>
Susan 2nd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Nancy
What a great idea
We have done this during Nursing Home Week

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