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Cynthia 12th Feb 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi there, would anyone have a general picture bingo i could download and print please? Thanks for any help.
Susan 14th Feb 2019 Activity Director
Here is an idea from Golden Carer
You can also use playing cards just get two decks and give each resident however many cards you want Face up and when you pick a matching card they turn it face down
The one who turns all their cards over is the winner and you start a new game if you want to have a winner
You could use giant playing cards also
Susan 14th Feb 2019 Activity Director
Here is another version of card bingo I think you can use less than six cards per person to make it easier
Susan 14th Feb 2019 Activity Director
You could print cards color bingo using card stock from this site
They also have other bingo games you might be interested in

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