A simple, quick, and fun game! We take two decks of cards we use the large print ones.

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Chris 18th Mar 2023
13 cards mixed, ie 4 x 13 per pack, use as many packs as required. Have a main pack for the dealer to call, each card called the players turns it over until the last card, you must declare, iam on last call. Continue to turn cards over until someone calls. Sometimes you may have many people on last card. We play at our local club £1 ago, Sometimes £30 plus in the pot. Great fun, have ago.
Dorothy 28th Sep 2022 Activity Director
We call this "Throw Away Bingo" We do 10 cards and play for a nickle per win. They love this game.
Heather 27th Apr 2021 Activity Director
We call this game Bridge-O.
Julianne 20th Feb 2021 diversional therapist
This called Hoy Residents enjoy this game.
Susan 30th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Josie thanks for the tip
The other option is to buy cheap card and throw them away when the game is over
Josie 29th Jun 2020
A good hygiene tip for everyone who uses normal playing cards is to purchase 'poker' grade cards. They are made from plastic and have larger numbers/suits printed on them. Therefore, easier for clients to read and easy to clean compared to the usual cardboard type cards.
Susan 27th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for this information Jo
Jo 26th Jun 2020 Activity Coordinator
Card housie is very popular in our facility. We have dementia patients who may struggle to play and often call out whilst we are playing. I now have the residents who constantly call out or only want to watch the game call the cards out and I then repeat it for the other residents. This keeps everyone involved in the game.
Cathie 3rd Jan 2019 Activity Direction
We like this game as well. It has many names. One place I worked called it "Mary's Game" as a resident named Mary told them how to play, I had a resident that called it "Turn Over". Lots of fun! I love this site, it has been a Godsend.
Talita 5th Jan 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Cathie, it means so much to us!
Sandra 12th Sep 2018 Volunteer
Love all these ideas. Thanks
Cara 11th Sep 2018 Seabrooke
I like that idea Maureen, pass it to the player on their right. Will try that one with Hoy.
To add variety to bingo, we add themes to the game for example if bingo falls on St Patricks Day we decorate the tables in green and add lucky leprechauns , 4 leaf clovers & gold coins with a lucky number on them. We simply insert images into a word document and type a lucky number on them, then print and cut out and let everyone select their lucky number to which they win a special prize if their lucky number is called. We also do this with Black Friday where we hold a Black Tie dress day where residents dress up with splashes of black and their favourite colour and we have Lucky Black cats, residents love this one. Other themes we do are Easter, Valentines day and coming up is Dress like a Pirate Day where residents dress up, table is Pirate theme and bingo is a treasure map with lucky gold coins. Once a month we also combine bingo with happy hour and residents are given strips of paper with a number on it and while the residents enjoy a glass of wine etc the resident creates the saying to go with their numbers. Once refreshments are over the game begins. We play this differently to usual bingo the caller walks around the room with a microphone and gets the resident to call their number and saying, often resulting in lots of laughter. Residents with reduced cognition who need support are supplied with a pre-printed simple call for example 2 little ducks and the caller or volunteer assists them to play.
Lisa 11th Sep 2018 Diversional Therapist
We have the large deck of playing cards and deal 6 cards per resident.
We place them in 2 lines of 3 cards we do one LINE (3 cards across)then we go for the HOUSE (ALL 6 CARDS) per game. The caller has their own deck of cards that they call from. We use this as part of our FUN FRIDAY.
Lydia 2nd Aug 2017 Program Director
We play Po-Ke-No. similar
Vladica 28th May 2014
$2.00 shops/ reject / bargain shops and such
Kymberly 27th May 2014 Activities Coordinator
Where does everyone get the large print cards? Kym
Mandy 12th Mar 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
We play this but with the large print cards made into a bingo board with 4 rows of 4 cards stuck to cardboard. We tehn call out from a large print pack each card as we turn it over. Once a client has filled their card of 16 they shout Hoy and win a prize. The cleints love it
Vladica 21st Feb 2014
Excellent -re spongy plastic - will use it for sure
Adult Day Servicse 21st Feb 2014 Activity Leaders
We call a similar game to this,HOY.We deal a large print pack between 4 people which is 13 per person,then from another pack call the cards, first one out calls HOY. a prize is given. This is very popular at our Adult Day Centre

Vladica 19th Feb 2014
Both options very good
patricia 18th Feb 2014 Recreational Activity Officer
We do similar card bingo, but use all the suits in a pack of cards.
Residents turn the cards over if they have the card and suit that is called out.
Winner receives a pack of small chips or a small chocolate.

Residents who have problems lifting the cards off the table I have purchased rolls of spongy plastic (cut it into the size required).Sold at Hot Dollar or any of the bargain stores. It creates a space between the table and the cards and residents can easily lift cards off the table

Maureen 18th Feb 2014 activities officier
Instead of taking it from them get them to turn it over and at the end of the game get the residents to pass three cards to the player on their right.
Work well our residents love it.