Charades Game for the Elderly

Charades Game for the Elderly

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Charades is a game suitable for all ages! It involves acting out words or phrases printed on cards. A game of charades provides a wonderful two-way communication opportunity that can strengthen interpersonal skills. It is also a great work-out for the brain!
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Charades is a game suitable for all ages! It involves acting out words or phrases printed on cards.

A game of charades provides a wonderful two-way communication opportunity that can strengthen interpersonal skills. It is also a great work-out for the brain!

This is an adapted version of the game, and there is no time limit. A reasonable time should be provided to guess the action depending on the ability of clients. Participants can be seated at the table as most of the action words and phrases provided require upper limbs only.

This is a game full of laughter, so gather as many spectators as possible!

What you need

  • Two teams of enthusiastic residents - each team should have four participants
  • Set of cards with action words or phrases (download with activity)
  • Pen and paper to keep score (optional)

How to Play Charades

Object of the Game:

  • To correctly convey the most words or phrases to team mates using mime only.

Acting or Miming

  • A different person mimes what’s on a card each turn, and the rest of the team tries to guess what is written on the card.

A Turn

  • First player selects a card from the hat or bowl (no one else can see it) and ponders over it for a short while.
  • He then starts acting out the content of the card; no sounds, props, or clues are allowed.
  • Teammates call out words and the actor points to anyone that says something useful.
  • If the right answer is guessed the actor puts his index finger on the right side of nose to indicate O.K. The actor’s team scores one point for his team.
  • If after a reasonable time the team doesn’t guess the action, there is no score.

Note: Alternatively, you could play a less competitive game without teams. Some clients act out the words or phrases and some answer it.

Providing Feedback on Guesses

  • A correct guess - tap your index finger against your nose and point to the person who is right.
  • Show the audience is getting warmer - wipe your hand over your forehead as though you are wiping away sweat.
  • Show the audience is getting colder - fold your arms and shiver.

Extending The Game

When clients are well acquainted with the beginners' list of actions you may try something more challenging.

Make your own card list with the names of well-known celebrities, tv sitcoms, songs, and themed actions such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day.

Charade Clues for Mixed Categories

To indicate a location: Make a circle in the air and point to it, as if pointing in a map.

To indicate a movie: Pretend to hold an old fashioned camera.

To indicate a book: Fold and unfold your hands as if you were opening a book.

To indicate a song: Pretend to be singing with a microphone in one hand.

To indicate plural: Hook little fingers together into each other.

To indicate past-tense: Point with thumb backwards over the shoulder.<

Signals for Vowels

"A" - Place index fingers together to form an "A" frame.

"I" - Point at the corner of one eye with the index finger.

"O" - Middle finger and thumb touching forming an "O".

"U" - Hold hand up showing the back of the hand then fold three finger leaving only the index and the thumb to show a "U".

We'd love to hear your feedback!

Files included:

Download Image

Charade Cards

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Wendy 23rd Apr 2018 Lifestyle
we had a lot of fun playing charades, and came up with some great ideas - easy ones, I just thought if you were able to put up some blank cards so we could make our own. thanks heaps
Talita 23rd Apr 2018
Yes, will do! Thanks for the suggestion Wendy.
Maurice 23rd Apr 2018
Hi Wendy!

Great suggestion, we've added 2 blank pages to the end, one in colour and one light grey.

You can print off several copies of these to write on them.

Good luck :)
Mandy 15th Feb 2018 Recreational Activities Officer
We played for the first time yesterday and had a great giggle. We played as a group and mostly seated. It was heaps of fun and I had only positive feedback from everyone.
Talita 17th Feb 2018
So nice to hear Mandy! Thanks so much for your feedback!
Diane 14th Feb 2018 Activity Coordinator
I introduced Charades about 4 months ago and it's now a favorite. It took a while to get people out for it but once they saw how fun it was it didn't take long to get a bigger group together. We truly spend an hour laughing! I mostly just use action words (fishing, dancing, typing, building a camp fire, etc) as they are easy to act out. We also do it as a group activity not in teams and that seems to work well. Thank you for some new words to add to the one's I have!
Talita 17th Feb 2018
Ah that's lovely to hear how much they enjoy a game of Charades! Thanks for your feedback Diane.
Tricia 13th Feb 2018 Occupational Therapy Assistant
Charades is one of the most fun activities - family played it this past Christmas. It is incredibly challenging to do everything with sign language and not speak while you are doing this. Good on you for posting a version of the game (for free) so that we can use this with our Residents. I will definately be giving this a go.... it is alot of laughs!!
Talita 17th Feb 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Tricia!
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