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Anglicare - Karen 12th Oct 2016 Lifestyle Lead
I played this with our Social Group on Tuesday and everyone had a lot of fun, it didn't flow to begin with but everyone enjoyed themselves and was starting to get the hang of it towards the end. I would recommend doing a practice round with all the cards face up so that everyone can get the hang of it and then jumping into the full game. We also used 2 packs of cards as we had a larger group which made it interesting.

Another game we played was 'Animal Grab' which is just like 'grab' or as most people know it 'snap'. the only difference is you choose an animal at the start of the game and when a pair comes up you shout the noise that animal makes. It leads to a lot of laughter.

Danielle (LA)
Talita 13th Oct 2016
Thanks for your feedback Danielle. Good idea to play a practice round with cards face up first. Love the Animal Grab game idea too! It certainly puts an extra fun twist on a game of snap!
Danielle 5th Sep 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
I played this with my day centre group and it was a huge success. The noise level and laughter kept increasing as the afternoon went on.
solange 14th Nov 2013 Diversional Therapist
Hi Anita, I am sorry you run into trouble with 'Stealing Bundles'. I can understand because I also don't follow instructions very well. I can only praise you for insisting in learning! Try this link; the guy is showing how to play three games; Stealing Bundles is the second game he explains. Perhaps it will help you. All the best!
Anita 13th Nov 2013 RAO
I tried to play this card game with two age care residents today. It did not work for us. The game does not flow. We could not work out why.
Tonight I tried it out at home with my sister. She is clever at working things out.... same result, the game stalled, did not flow and we could not work it.
Are there more explanations? Can you help?
So far I have only confused my residents but would like to be able to go back to them and give a solution to our impass.
Thanks, regards, Anita S.
RAO in a low care residential aged care facility, Sydney.