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Sally 26th Feb 2019 Retired Volunteer
I volunteer at a local community centre where I facilitate a Reminiscence group.
Most of the people born in the mid-late 1930s. Most of them were evacuated during WW2 and did not have much education during their teens, they do not have dementia. Most travel independently and look after themselves, but still like to remember.
We are based in London and I am wondering if you have or know where I can access resources that are relevant to them, they married/started work in the late 1940s, & 50s and have similar memories to me.
Most of what I have found is for those with dementia or Alzheimers, and is not very British.
I am also wondering if you have reccomendations as to how to manage a group of twenty or so for these activites, I am only with them for one hour at a time.
Sally Caplan
Solange 28th Feb 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sally, how nice of you to volunteer in the local community. A one-hour session is the average time providing the residents are interested. The only problem you may encounter would be if one or two residents dominate the session (not letting their peers answer questions and interact with you). In that case you would ask them to wait for you to say their name to answer or give their opinions. You’ll find that the longer you conduct the activities the better you get at it.

Here are some British related activities that are not specifically for dementia care. Also, the 1950s Nostalgia Party would suit your clients as they were young women and men in the 1950s.

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