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Talita 9th Jun 2014
Thanks Peter! We have updated the quiz accordingly.

Peter 6th Jun 2014
Hi, the answer to question 13 needs updating - now 62 years as Queen. Given that Question 18 could now be "What did Elizabeth II celebrate in 2012?" - Her Diamond Jubilee ( 60 years reigning)!
Tangi 5th Dec 2013
Hi Solange and Karen. Was George V father to George VI, who in turn was the queens father? Oh dear, isn't history wonderful, or is it memory games? Loved the movie The Kings Speech - with those wonderful Australian actors.
Solange 4th Apr 2011
You're right!! This has been updated, thanks for letting me know.
Karen 4th Apr 2011
Question 21 is incorrect. Queen Elizabeth was not the reigning monarch during World War II. Her father George V was the King

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