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Claire 21st May 2022 Activities Coordinator
I'm English through and through. My family were all cockneys. Not me though, I was born in Camebridge because my family were running a pub/resturant there.

Just so you know..
a tenner is actually £10...(the clue is in the question) as in a fiver is £5. BTW we don't say twentyer :D

other monetry terms are
a pony... £25
a monkey... £500
bread and honey
bangers and mash
penny pincher...tight with their money.

oh and spend a penny ??.... nope! it's not that!'s to have a wee.
I Love England... we're so weird lol... waves imaginary patriotic flag
Talita 22nd May 2022
Thank you Claire! We've added to this. You are a funny lot!
Pallavi 29th Apr 2022 Activities Coordinator
It was good ideas thank you so much your are helping .
sue 19th Apr 2016 support worker
Here is some cockney slang words that is still used today. There is loads more.

Up the apple and pears = stairs
Ruby Murray = curry
Tom and dick = sick
Rosy lea = tea
Jack Jones = alone
Dog and bone = phone
Can you Adam and Eve it = Believe it
Trouble and strife = The wife
Kettle and Hob = Watch
Barnet = Hair

Talita 2nd May 2016
ahh we loved these Sue. We have created a new activity based on this contribution, thank you!
Talita 3rd Jun 2014
Please do! We will add them to the list.
Alison 3rd Jun 2014 Lifestyle
Too funny!
And yes Mandy being a POM I too could add a few.....maybe we should!
Mandy 27th May 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
This made me laugh, being a POM i could add so many differant ones to this, especailly as we have so many dialects. That has given me an idea :)
claire 13th May 2014 recreation & leisure organiser
This really made me giggle!

Just to clarify,

Gobsmacked (not godsmacked..maybe a typo) is what we say when something happens that is unbelievable and your lost for words/amazed by something.

A quid is actually a pound coin!

Loving the site by the way!
Talita 13th May 2014
Thanks Claire! We've fixed up the typo and elaborated on the other one.
Lisa 14th May 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
A quid is one pound sterling, not necessarily a pound coin. Ie - can you give us a few quid?
Could mean a fiver or tenner also