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Michele 20th Mar 2019 Activity Director Certified
Looking for news ideas of how to deal with resident who has attention seeking behaviors that are grating on the nerves of the other residents. Giving extra attention hasn't helped. I am looking for other outlets to offer this resident. Anyone have any ideas?
Susan 20th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Hi Michele
Does this person have dementia ??
Can she help you lead a group??
This will get her plenty of attention
Here are some articles on Golden Carers on decreasing and managing problem behaviors
Solange 20th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist

Hi, Michele, I would try to distract the person with a snack, or an activity that involved him/her in ‘helping out’ for instance, helping to cut some pictures from magazines and calendars for a poster or watching a TV show of his/her liking. Consider if the person had enough sleep or if there is a trigger to make them talkative/ agitated. Overall, you cannot run a leisure session with interruptions. If possible hey should be escorted away or gathered into another group for a volunteer or another staff to lead.

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