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Catherine 4th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist
Has anybody got any ideas on what to do with an under 65 age group? We have 4 males under 65 with a range of different interests but need to develop a group weekly programme for them. I’ve tried googling but no luck! Thank you in advance for your help
Molly 21st Apr 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Catherine,

Here is a men's group article from Golden Carers

Here is a more general article from Golden Carers with Activity ideas for the Baby Boomer generation

If possible, they may also enjoy going out to eat or to a sports game.
Susan 21st Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thanks Molly these are great suggestions
I hope they will work for you Catherine
Food is it usually a thing that brings all people together
Have you ever thought about inviting others to the activity to make it a larger group as long as the under 65 residents attend
Let one or more of them be the leader of the group
Tell them you need their help for this
Let us know how this works out because more and more facilities are getting residents under 65

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