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Jessica 15th Apr 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hi everyone

I'm after help! I start as an activities coordinator on Tuesday, I have never worked in care or had a job like this before, there is only 12 residents, some with dementia, there doesn't appear to be any training so to speak and no one who does the role at the minute, can people give me a breakdown of your usual routines for the day so I don't go in blind?
Susan 15th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Hi Jessica
An activity director has some many jobs
I am not sure what your responsibilities are

Your Objective:
To provide person-centered, meaningful, mind stimulating, activities to residents you serve, by using your compassionate, patient manner.

Your Duties:
Devised, planned, coordinated, and facilitated stimulating activity programming.
Created strong & active volunteer program.
Communicated with family members
Prepared weekly & monthly activities calendars.
Led group and 1:1 activities.
Performed resident voice interviews and inputted data including MDSs
Wrote initial assessments, care plans, and quarterly and annual activity notes
Marketed to the community including a program for homebound senior citizens
Ran community events
Performed additional duties as assigned.

I talked to the residents before I actually started the job
You should have a meeting with the resident Council immediately
Get an idea of what they want
Then devise an activity calendar
You can use this to help you

I did not know what your other duties are but let me know and I Will give you suggestions
You probably will have to do documentation this article should help you
Solange 15th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Jessica, I am sorry you were put on duty without training. But don't panic; be kind, compassionate and patient to your clients while finding your way. Gather a group of clients each morning and use activities involving music, sing-along, ball games, quizzes. Soon enough you will get to know them well to make assessments of their social, cognitive, spiritual and cultural needs. If you have the opportunity to talk to other activity staff it would be very beneficial to you. It is really amazing the management of your facility didn't provide some training for you, I thought these days were gone. All the best of luck.
Julie 16th Apr 2019 Activities Coordinator
I was a new Activities Coordinator who had never done anything like this before.
I do armchair darts on a Monday, this consists of me putting a magnetic dart board around my neck with string. They aim for the bullseye as most have dementia.
Closest wins sugar free sweets.

music EVERY afternoon

Art and crafts tue
Quiz, multiple choice. Wed
Film thur.
Balloon batting on Fridays, get a few sat in a line, they all are sat down and belt it, I run around hitting it back.
Darts and balloon and sing along go down the best.
Good Luck, its hard

Susan 16th Apr 2019 Activity Director
This sounds very good for Julie but Jessica has to remember that she needs to meet the needs and wants of her residents
Thanks so much to both of you

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