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Teresa 1st Jul 2019 Activity Director
Another toolkit question

I Have 6 levels of cognition (groups) to help staff determine what residents should attend what activities. The calendar lets me choose whose should attend what activities and print them separate, but I cannot find a way to print all cognitive levels (groups) calendar on the same calendar. In other words I want to print all my groups on 1 calendar as well as separate.

Also, I am sure you received my reply about my toolkit list question but just in case because I don’t see it here I will re-submit.

When I put my calendar together on paper I have a list of a few hundred activities ( next to the name is the description and supplies needed and cognitive level.) It has been a lot of work to compile. I am seeking a program to input this list into. Then not only refer to it when I am doing my toolkit calendar but drag the activity title right onto my calendar to schedule it.
Maurice 2nd Jul 2019
Hi Teresa!

1. Printing calendars from different groups
We are working on a feature to allow this, eventually, you'll be able to select one, specific, or all of your groups when printing calendars. This should be released soon along with some other new features :)

2. Activity Template List
We are noted this and are looking at making activities even easier to schedule and manage. It's an interesting system you've developed for yourself. One solution is to create repeating activities, however, if the activities you're wanting to schedule don't have a regularly recurring pattern, then I understand why you would benefit from activity templates. I'll let you know when we have an update here.

Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback!
Vanessa 22nd Jun 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator
Is there a template we can download?
Susan 24th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Hi Venessa
What kind of a template are you looking for
Do you use the Golden Carers tool kit
It is very useful

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