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Teresa 31st Jul 2019 Activity Director
Multiple Calendars:

Does anyone do more than one calendar for a facility? If so, details please.

What software do you do it in? Why do you do it? How many different calendars do you do a month? We have different wings, but we do the same activity in each wing. However, we do them a different times (and of course adapt them to each wing) so basically the only purpose behind doing the seperate calendars is the different times for the events (based on location), the occassional entertainer who is in one wing that day and not the others and to limit the confusion for residents and families. But it certainly does not limit the confusion for the person doing the calendars and trying to keep the times straight... Maybe I am over thinking this, but I have tried a few different ways to present the calendar information and so far sadly the multiple calendars works best for everyone but me. Anyone have any insight or suggestions?
Susan 1st Aug 2019 Activity Director
I have always made two calendars one for the general population and one for the dementia unit

If you look through the sample calendars

you will see that I have two monthly calendars one for the two units that are not specifically dementia units and the other call Tapley lane is for the dementia unit

I have combined the two units not for dementia and we have different activities and the units
We also have an afternoon activity which is usually open to everyone
It is usually in the big dining room

I have used Microsoft word to create the calendars however golden carers has a good program to make calendars

You can also use the tool kit make a calendar

I do emphasize at the resident Council meeting that any resident can go to any activity if they so choose

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