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Maurice 15th Aug 2019
A member who wishes to remain anonymous has asked a question:

Occasionally our facilities are put into a 'locked down' state where residents are mostly kept apart, so I'm looking for activities to be able to run with them. Right now I'm playing cards, reading, using magazines and word searches, small bingo groups, writing cards to each other, armchair travel, etc. Do you have any ideas or other 'outside the box' suggestions that I might not have thought of?
Solange 15th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist

You're doing well but you can diversify a little introducing some art & craft; Paper Airplane Reminiscing, Stick Figure Drawing, Painting: Templates from famous artists.

You could also play a game of carpet bowls; all you need is a bowling set, a piece of carpet and an area to suit. This game was is successful in our facility with males and females.
Susan 16th Aug 2019 Activity Director
I have had this happen your ideas and Solanges ideas are very good I always like to do a sing-along because just about everyone can participate And there really is no preparation for this

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