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Christine 14th Jul 2012 Lifestyle Support Officer
Hi all,
I work as a RAO in Canberra, mainly in the special care unit (dementia). The residents mostly have advanced dementia . In addition a large number don't speak English very well if at all. I am in the process of setting up an area as their lounge room/activities room/ sensory area. Currently they tend o spend their day in their dining area only. I am needing activities they can participate in. Most are very limited in what they can do. I have surfed the net as well as pouring over activities on this site. I have encouraged playing music over the tv in the background but need to make their lives more interesting. We do have outings (even in Winter) but their are some who are at too much risk or too unwell to leave the centre. Any ideas greatfully accepted. Christine
Amy 21st Feb 2020 Student
Hello Christine...I noticed that your post was from 2012, but wondered how you have got on?

Thank you

Susan 21st Feb 2020 Activity Director
Hi Amy
Curious about why you want to know about Christine
Do you need some help yourself

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