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Robin 25th Sep 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hello I am an activities coordinator for assisted living, and i am trying to figure out some activities for my residents on Thanksgiving day because I will be off that day. Any ideas?
Susan 26th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Hi Robin
Here are some ideas

Are you going to have an activity staff person there or is it up to the other staff to do an activity
Some of these suggestions can be done with staff or volunteers or maybe even having the higher functioning residents lead the activity

You could also ask the residents what they want to do
Do you have a lot of family members that come in ??

Do a lot of residents go out of the facility for Thanksgiving ??

You may want to have the kitchen make a special Thanksgiving dinner for those who are staying at the facility
You may want to invite families to join the residents if there’s enough staff to do this

Let us know what you decide to do and how it works out
Solange 26th Sep 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Robin, there are some very enjoyable and simple activities that a volunteer or a residents' relative can easily lead when staff is on leave. For instance 'Thanksgiving Game' or 'Thanksgiving Bingo'. They are also two 'Thanksgiving Dinner' games that I believe are suitable. Here are the links.
Robin 30th Sep 2019 Activities Coordinator
Thank you ladies for responding, I appreciate it! No, I won’t be working Thanksgiving Day. So I was looking for Games or things for my residents to do.

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