A Thanksgiving themed bingo to enjoy!
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Thanksgiving Bingo

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Ruth 22nd Sep 2021 Site Mgr
I am sure our seniors will enjoy this Thanksgiving Bingo,just like the really enjoy playing the Travel, Sightseeing and other great Bingo. I am excited to play the Dice Bingo, am am sure our men will like it. Thanks for the easy to use and inexpensive resources for our seniors.
Susan 23rd Sep 2021 Activity Director
What I love about these cards is that you can use them for bingo but so many more things like matching and reminiscing just to name a few
Elaine 2nd Nov 2018 Activity Director
As a new member I have to tell you how excited I am about all the possibilities I am finding to stimulate my residents with fun and games.
Talita 5th Nov 2018
This is wonderful to hear, thanks so much for your feedback Elaine!
Jun 1st Nov 2018 Lead Activity Assistant
Thanks a lot for this Thanksgiving Bingo, i'm sure our members will enjoy this game!
Catalina M 21st Oct 2018 Activity Director
Thank you so much for sharing bingos games of the seasons. We enjoy our Halloween game and they get special candy for a full card.
Phyllis 8th Oct 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
A special thank you for your support in making our residents at Clarinda Manor interesting as they enjoy new ideas.
Talita 15th Oct 2018
Thanks for your feedback Phyllis!
Talita 4th Oct 2018
Thanks so much for sharing Sara!
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