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Jessie 4th Oct 2019 Lifestyle Manager
Hi there, here in Australia as of the new changes to our Aged Care Standards put in place on 1st July, 2019, we are now having to write up plans in the first person. How is everyone going with this? I am looking at putting some sort of guide together to help and support my Lifestyle Assistants when writing up these plans. However, does anyone have something already?
Susan 5th Oct 2019 Activity Director
This would be a good question to ask at Golden Carers Facebook group
Kerryn 8th Oct 2019 Lifestyle coordinator / PCA
I'd love to hear some of your ideas on how you are writing up care plans now with the new standards

Thanks kerryn
Lifestyle coordinator
Susan 8th Oct 2019 Activity Director
I do not live in Australia that’s why I suggested you ask the question out the golden Carers Facebook group
Maybe you two can exchange ideas??
Good luck to both of you

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