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Bronagh 19th Oct 2019 Activity Therapist
Hi folks,

Really need some advice from carers/coordinators who have worked with residents who speak a totally different language! We have a new wee woman who speaks fluent Spanish and no English. We're using google translate, picture cards and other things which are helpful-at times! Has anyone had this experience before? and what other steps have you taken to make them feel at home?
Any advice would be fantastic!!!
Solange 19th Oct 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Bronagh, you're doing the right things. You may add magazines, books, and films in Spanish borrowed from your local library. You could also try to find a Spanish volunteer via your local church community board. ro pay her a visit weekly or fortnightly. Another idea is to contact Spanish Clubs or Spanish Dancing Schools to have a 'Flamengo Night' event.
Susan 19th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Solange has some great suggestions
This comment may help you also
Bronagh 30th Oct 2019 Activity Therapist
Girls thank you. This was helpful-I put a post up on facebook and I have received replies from about 5 people at this point! They've been able to visit and all! Facebook is a fantastic thing!

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