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Sunya 20th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Hi everyone. First let me say as activity directors we have a lot of hills to climb and hurdles to jump. But once we make it over it is worth the exhaustion and tears. Just the smiles and thank you alone should be enough to make you proud to be an activity director. Never second guess why you are in that position. Just take a look at your success when you see a resident Being positive or when you see a resident helping another. You played a part in that with your activities.

Do anyone have a website where I can go and get activities for Spanish residents? Poems, short stories, trivia and biography. Thanks
Solange 20th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist

Hi, Sunya, On the links below you will find a Spanish song well known in Mexico and the Spanish Americas. A wonderful tune for sing-along. There is also a Mexican Fiesta activity with a few ideas.
Susan 21st Mar 2019 Activity Director
Here is another idea maybe do it in reverse or just the way it is
Here is a WORDsearch you could modify
Use this grid To do it

This may be useful to you too
Molly 21st Apr 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Suyna,

What a beautiful reminder, thank you! It can be easy to lose sight of why we do what we do, but you are right; the benefits are in the smallest of moments when working with the residents.

I think that the articles that Solange and Susan shared are wonderful resources!


Hannah 13th May 2020 Life Enrichment Director
Hi all,

I am also having a similar issue.
Does any one have access to something similar to "This day in History" but printed in Spanish?

Thank you :)
Beverley 14th Mar 2023 Administration
Good morning,
Just wondering if you could send me more Spanish find a words for one of my residents as she really enjoyed them and if you have anything else Spanish as she enjoys the history of the day in Spanish. Send it to [email protected]
Maurice 14th Mar 2023
Hi Beverley!

We have a Spanish version of our This Day in History activities:

I hope that helps :)

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