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Bronagh 30th Oct 2019 Activity Therapist
Hi all,
Another question from me! lol There is a lady on one of the units, who is always fiddling, and picking things up and carrying them around with her. What sort of behaviour is this would you say? And is there a way to divert it? Has anyone had any successful experience of diverting this? My main worry is things going missing!

Many Thanks
Susan 30th Oct 2019 Activity Director
I have had a number of residents who wandered and as these comments date there are many reasons and these articles should help you figure it out
Anna 3rd Nov 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
Often this can be related to the kind of profession they worked in - is there anything you can give her to do to keep her busy, like folding towels?
Solange 3rd Nov 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Anna, yes, if you can match their previous profession it would be really helpful. However, most women enjoy doing homely tasks like folding clothes, separating socks, tidying up a cutlery draw, pegging clothes on the line, unraveling wool sweaters for recycling, or cleaning a messy handbag.

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