How to manage Wandering Behaviour

How to manage Wandering Behaviour

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‘Wandering’ is one of the most common behavioral problems associated with cognitive loss and also one of the most dangerous. It is most prevalent in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. This article goes into common causes and triggers as well tips and strategies for managing those inclined to wander.

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Darla 10th Dec 2014 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Good information and good timing. Thank you for sharing.
Amanda 12th Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist
I have also noticed that walking around also helps with their bowel routine and as most people know, when your bowels are sluggish then it can have an affect on you.
Talita 31st Oct 2013
This was just an error, I have fixed it up. Thanks Maria.
Maria 30th Oct 2013
.thank you for putting this guide out. Is the strategies for preventing #7. missing or just an error.