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Laura 31st Oct 2019 Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Hello busy bees, I have been given a task to organize an area activities co-ordinators meeting. I am stuck for ideas where to start and what to include- subjects etc. Any help please? Anyone else have regular get togethers with others doing the same role? Thank you before ahead
Susan 31st Oct 2019 Activity Director
I had been part of a group
Can probably email facilities in the area to see if you can generate some interest
You could suggest having a penpal group or having some residents come to another facility if they are able and play a mutually decided upon game
If you do not want to start with
getting residents together you could talk about problems that you all have
You may suggest that they all join golden carers or at the very least join the Facebook group of golden Carers
Could also modify this
This should give you enough information to start
Just curious what is the purpose of you doing this to management ??

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