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samantha 9th Nov 2019 Occupational Therapy Student
I am an OTA student and for my class I have to create a treatment bag with 20 things to treat adults and kids at home. I will like to get some must have treatment ideas that I should put in my bag.
Susan 10th Nov 2019 Activity Director
Here are some must have s
A deck of playing cards
Paper that can be folded or can be made into cards
Pens or pencils and magic markers
Stickers either bought or made by yoo
A song book with patriotic songs because both Jan and Alz like to sing and are familiar with patriotic songs
Hand lotion for giving hand massages
Trivia book or questions that you can download and print such as
Word searches or other games that are similar to this such as
Pictures or books with pictures to look at and discuss such as
Easy game book such as

This should be a good start for you if you have questions about other things to include let me know
Good luck

Patricia 12th Nov 2019 Caretaker
If you have a Dollar store near you... let your imagination run wild!!
Susan 13th Nov 2019 Activity Director
I always had a bag of goodies and I had my staff have a bag as well two things we included were a deck of cards and dice paper and writing devices are also good things to have
samantha 13th Nov 2019 Occupational Therapy Student
Thank you very much

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