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Salwa 19th Nov 2019 Recreation Activities Officer
Hi, I am a Recreational Activity Officer at a new Care Center in Sydney Australia so i am starting all activities at the centre but i am having problems creating monthly plans with activities, We have 15 residents and more are coming each week and have different abilities.
any ideas on how to do a activity calendar?
thanks in advance
Susan 21st Nov 2019 Activity Director
I suggest looking at some of these calendars are you may want to just have a weekly calendar because you have mini residents coming in who are new and May have different interests

Golden Carers has some calendar makers
You can also use the tool kit

In general I would have activities that loves people like such as music including sing-alongs trivia bingo and alike

Kate 21st Nov 2019
You cant go wrong with Arts and Crafts, especially this time of the year, Bingo and hoy are still solid favourites here too. Download a calendar from here and just add to it =) good luck!
Susan 22nd Nov 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for your ideas Kate
Suzanne 23rd Nov 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hi I love goldencarers, the website is very amazing, with lots of interesting ideas and great activities.

In my care home, I have a group with different cognitive abilities. I have some residents with dementia. I find it a challenge to find activities where I can involve residents of all different abilities.
Can anyone give me some ideas?

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