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Ida 8th Dec 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi everyone, has anyone ever had a 12 days of Diversional therapy song before. By this I mean change the 12 days pf Christmas song to incorporate what they do in DT work? I am curious? I would love to see the words if you have, thanks for sharing.
Susan 9th Dec 2019 Activity Director
I did not do this for a diversionaj therapist
But I did change the words fo the 12 foods of Christmas
I also had the residents act the parts for each of the 12 days of Christmas
So I'm sure whatever you do will be fine
Talita 11th Dec 2019
Hi Ida,

Have you seen the Aussie 12 Days of Christmas? That's a good one too!
Lisa 1st Dec 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Yes, here is the link ..
Susan 2nd Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Lisa
Thank you for sharing this

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