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Carol 21st Dec 2019 Activities Coordinator
Merry Christmas everyone, we have a small hospital based rest home of 14 residents, predominantly women. Although they are all kind and respectful of each other and most join in activities together they do not really know one another well. If they were in their own homes they might become good friends and pop into each other’s homes for a coffee and a natter, sharing their worries and family news etc. This doesn’t happen in our place but I see a need for the residents to build more of a friendship with each other...this was confirmed by one resident who does feel lonely and misses those more intimate friendships with other women..since hearing this I have asked others if they would like to get to know one another better and they have all agreed. So my question is what is going to be the best way to support this to happen. I have suggested we could have a get together morning every week which they all thought was a good idea... but how do I support it to be something more them?
Solange 21st Dec 2019 Diversional Therapist
Thank you Carol, Have a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of joy, peace, ad health.
Susan 22nd Dec 2019 Activity Director
Hi Carol
Happy holidays to you
This activity on golden Carers may help you

Also I would suggest a reminiscing group and you can facilitate the interaction with the residents by saying a person likes whatever I bet you like that too
Just keep pointing out the similarities among the residents and how they could be good friends and could talk about these things
Susan 23rd Dec 2019 Activity Director
Another suggestion I have is to play bunco
This is a fun game that requires no skill but lends so well to talking to each other while playing
Why not give it a try

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