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Marcia 1st Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi! I want to make up an activity cart that can accomplish a couple of things. One is to always have something at the ready for as few or as many people who might want to do something other than what's scheduled and the other is to have things available on the cart to do with residents who don't often come out of their rooms to participate in group activities. Something that can be done one on one. does anyone have any input or suggestions on what I should include on the cart? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Solange 1st Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Marcia, that’s is a very good idea to have an activity cart. The cart could have activity pages to give away like: Spot the Differences, Crosswords, Trivia Maths, Quizzes, Games: Words Starting with A, B, C, etc., Word in Words, Word Searches, and 'Find the Hidden Objects'; all available on the Golden Carers site. Also, on our site you may find a bunch of poems, short stories, limericks, famous ‘Artists Impressions’ pictures to paint (paint and brushes or coloured pencils available). You may also purchase a pad of ‘Things to Find’ like ‘where's wally’ (elders usually love these) and take photocopies of the pages to give away so your supply is extended. Good luck with your new endeavour!
Susan 1st Jan 2020 Activity Director
Here are some articles that might help you or Golden Carers

Remember you know your residents best so you can make a cart that satisfies the interests of your residents
Having printed word searches and crossword puzzles is nice to hand out to people who do not want to join the group
Have been books and magazines is also a good idea
Marcia 9th Jan 2020
Thank you all for your help! Great ideas!
Susan 9th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Glad we could help
Let us know how it works out
Thank you
Jan 2nd Jul 2021 Facilitator
Hi Marcia,

Maybe on your cart include some kinetic sand although supervise it as it is not to be eaten, or some poppits, like a fidget toy. I find they are excellent, and i purchase them at a discount shop.

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