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Joy 4th Jan 2020 Tenant Service Coordinator
I am so very glad that I found your website. Your range of activities are wonderful and so helpful to my programs. I am eternally grateful for your website. At some of my sites I have Spanish speaking, Russian and Korean residents. Would you have any activities or suggestions for them. These residents have some limited knowledge of English and I would like to continue to promote their understanding of the English Language. Any input you could provide would be most helpful...
Susan 5th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Let me suggest the cue card
Do activities where are you do not have to speak like more physical activities using the cue cards to help you communicate
You could also try sensory activities
Everyone likes a manicure or hand massage
Solange 8th Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Joy, providing support for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds can be challenging. You could try volunteers with bi-lingual skills (Russian and Korean) to visit residents on a one-on-one regular basis to talk, read poetry, and play games. Also, there are several fun games that don’t need language; Balloon games, carpet bowls, Spot the differences, drawing, colouring, and others. Watch out for March Activities; there are a couple of Trivia activities relating to Russian and Spain that would be suitable for your residents.
Joy 10th Jan 2020 Tenant Service Coordinator
Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will definitely follow through with all your suggestions and update.

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