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Kath 13th Jan 2020 Volunteer
I am looking for activities and ideas to engage and support men in aged care facilities.
Susan 14th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kath
There is a wonderful article on golden Carers that will help you out a lot

Just as with any group you need to find out what interests them and what motivates them to participate
Carla 22nd Jan 2020 Director Of Recreation
We have a Men's Coffee Group where one of our volunteers (a retired teacher/principal) leads discussion on many different topics. The group doesn't usually want to gather if he isn't there. Once every 6 weeks, we have a Men's Breakfast where we cook breakfast to order. Over easy eggs, fresh toast, bacon, hashbrowns....sometimes a home made cinnamon bun too. The guys get to give their "order" and we cook right there in front of them. (We have hot plates that we use for this and other purposes as we don't have a kitchen area in our common spaces) I know that it probably wouldn't work without that volunteer so taking some time to find the right person to lead this program will make a difference. (We have also taken the men fishing, to the airplane museum, to a hockey game, etc)
Susan 22nd Jan 2020 Activity Director
Great information Carla
We had a veteran volunteer fromA hospice group that came in once a month
Most of the men in our facility were veterans or knew veterans and it seemed like they liked to talk About their experience
The volunteer was a very positive
Jean 26th Jan 2020 Activities Coordinator
33% of my residents are men with varied ability. We have a pub on site that opens once or twice a week in the evenings. We serve non alcholic beer, cold drinks and snacks. We also have a craft session and the men have put together DIY birds nesting boxes, assembled models etc. They enjoy a game of dominoes also. In summer we will use the garden to sit and read etc Hope that info helps. Jean
Susan 26th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi jean
Thanks for the information

I have purchased bird houses that need to be painted for a very reasonable price
I don’t know if there are any hardware stores in your area such as Home Depot because they may donate things to you
Thanks again for the information

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