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Katja 27th Sep 2012 Recreation Activiites Officer
Has anybody tried using rabbits for pet therapy in their workplace? If so how do you implement it along the lines of hygiene, type of basket, how long to use the rabbit etc.....
vittoria 29th Sep 2012
Katija we had a rabbit, problem was that by keeping it inside you need to clean the cage everyday as it smells, staff and management get on your case. We end up putting the rabbit outside but for some reason the rabbit became unfriendly, so we had to get rid of the rabbit. i have had better luck with a bird, our bird enjoys sitting on residents shoulders, chatting away. The residents love her. She a cockatiel and enjoys the attention she gets from the residents. The cage is easy to clean, the residents enjoy cleaning and feeding the bird. You do need a permit for the bird!
Debra 14th May 2020
We have 2 rabbits male, female and at present 4 babies,
We clean the cage regularly, Our residents love cuddling the babies, I wrap them in a hand towel, so they don't scratch, So far all is good,, BUT you have to have their claws clipped if keeping inside, Vet bills, and they should be handled daily, both staff and residents are picking our up heaps of times during the day
We have ours in 2 rabbit cages on wheels, I put newspaper on the bottom and then oaten hay a container for pre made food, water and a plastic tray with kitty litter to train them for toileting
Residents and staff bring in grass, spinach, kale, apples bananas, so they are used to people
Susan 15th May 2020 Activity Director
Wow Debra thanks for the information it sounds like you’re very ambitious
I am glad all is going well
Thank you for sharing

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