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Laura 19th Mar 2020 Wellbeing Co-ordinator
With most care homes closing their doors to visitors and entertainers to keep residents safe, how are you maintaining links with community please? Any ideas more than welcome
Susan 20th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Jenna 20th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Manager
We have started a kindess program with some childcare facilities. Our residents have supplied a picture and some information on themselves and we have delivered them to the childcare. They have returned with drawing and a little about them. This is a way we are trying to keep in contact with our community and its so far working beautifully. We are now doing easter cards in craft for the kids.
Susan 20th Mar 2020 Activity Director
I like the idea of a kindness program
Even if you do not have ties with a children’s group you can use this idea among all your residents
I always had an impromptu kindness groups when the residents we’re getting mean even though they may not have meant it
It is always good to remind people staff and residents to be kind

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