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Sarah 19th Apr 2020 Director Of Life Enrichment
Hello all, hope everyone is well and safe! Question: what to do for residents who's main activity is "wandering". (Don't really like that term but there it is.) I have 5 residents who very rarely stay at programs and one to ones are very much on the fly. I am in a specialized Alzheimer's LTC facility. Thank you in advance!
Susan 19th Apr 2020 Activity Director
The short answer is to do an activity on the move with the residents
Maybe you can have Other residents join in the walk
These articles may help you

Adrian 21st Apr 2020 Activity Director
Hello i have a few residents who have the same challege everyday. So i include them on things to do around the community like passing mail, helping with snacks, newspapers, and helping me pass out the daily activities on my cart. Make sure they have a mask and gloves but also in the court yard we gather leaves to bag up and water plants and the garden. Also check the floors in the community to add fresh water is a great project. Sometimes even helping fold laundry make their bed clean their room up helps. Meditation and Aromatherapy helps in a room with soft music and i love reading and dicussion aswell. I hope these tips help from you godbless you.
Solange 27th Apr 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sarah, that is certainly a challenging situation. Ideally, they would walk a couple of meters from each other. However, having cognitive deficits they may not understand or forget to maintain social distance.

So, one solution would be having activities they enjoy in their bedrooms like involving them in video and phone calls with family so they stay put; another would be ‘making’ something they feel valuable like unraveling a wool sweater for later use or matching socks together. (Remind them to wash their hands with soap before and after each activity).

Alternatively, you could let them have turns walking in different parts of the facility one at time e.g. front garden and side and back yards and supervise them to stay in their spaces.

Hang in there!
Sarah 27th Apr 2020 Director Of Life Enrichment
Thank you all for the suggestions! Be well!
Susan 28th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Both Adrian and Solange have good ideas
Thank you

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