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Jessica 22nd May 2020 Activities Coordinator

I work in a small long-term care home where most of the residents have dementia and their cognitive abilities are very ranged. Some of the residents quite enjoy trivia, but I have troubles finding easier trivia to ask them unless I spend a while searching and picking out questions and answers from various pages. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of easy trivia pages or activities that are already put together.

Thank you!
Susan 22nd May 2020 Activity Director
Hi Jessica
Is there a particular topic you want to talk about
I know Canada day is July 1
That the higher functioning residence do this crossword puzzle and you can use the statements as trivia questions
It is best to ask questions that can have more than one answer
You can have a higher functioning residents help the lower functioning ones
For example you can ask a higher functioning person what he thinks the lower functioning person is thinking
You could also do ABC’s of a particular topic where are you can I have multiple answers for one letter
Or the lower functioning residents you can give them hints
You could also do words rhyming with a particular word
You could also use a familiar song and change the words such as the ants go marching one by one

Then sing this song with the word suggested
Solange 22nd May 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jessica, there are some easy trivia quizzes like True or False, Proverbs, I Went to Market game and Things That Go Together. You can also make up your own trivia by asking, for instance, the Name of Flowers/Fruit, Brands of Cars, Famous Hollywood stars (show the picture for the group to guess). Rhyming words, as Susan suggested is also a fun activity suitable for all kinds of minds.
Diane 26th May 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi Jessica,
I ordered a set of "Trivia for Seniors" books from a Canadian company called Spectrum Nasco, I think they are based in Ontario. They have an online Catalogue at It is a set of 3 trivia books called "This and That", "More This and That", and "Even More This and That". They are 82 pages, with quizzes and trivia on both sides so 164 total in the book. I use mine all the time and just skip the odd question that is difficult. Or use it anyway for learning something new!
Good luck!
Susan 27th May 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for that information Diane

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