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Margo 3rd Jun 2020 Recreational Assistant
Hi there just wanted to ask for some feedback but I am on probation period as an Activities assistant in the Residential Nursing Home that I am working in. I have been there 3 months now I think probation period can last for 6 months. I have made several mistakes with the residents some to do with being aware of health and safety issues especially with dementia residents to be aware of what your the activities that it's safe to do such as skittles that there isn't going to be an accident etc that was one mistake I made there wasn't an accident but it's just making sure the residents are safe and you are. Baking was the other one not knowing to wear an apron and the residents and baking in the lounge on the table there was not a good idea especially also with the Crono Virus and keeping social distancing. I have appreciated the feedback and supervision periods about these issues otherwise I would just be walking in the dark.I really hope to grow an increasingly awareness working with dementia residents but it isn't just about dementia but so much more how to do things with them. I haven't had any previous training only the induction program which is for everyone to do online and each year but to do a Wellbeing or Activities assistant course would be really beneficial to learn more.If anyone has any suggestions to be ware of or advice I would be thankful.
Susan 4th Jun 2020 Activity Director
This article may help you
How many other activities people are there??
It would be nice for one to share Things with you
Observation is always good to see what others are doing especially those who are doing a good job

Learning more about the dementia will help you as well
Do you have a Calendar to follow?? Or do you have to come up with everything??

I am sure there is an activity assistant course in your area but you’ll have to do some research to find it if that is right do you want to do

You can also ask this question at the Facebook group for Golden Carers
Margo 6th Jun 2020 Recreational Assistant
Hi Susan

Thank you so much yes we have an activity course I am hoping I will be able to go on. There are 4 of us right now but one is leaving soon so will have more to do but hopefully like you say we could work together in group activities.
Susan 6th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Sounds good Margo
You are always learning on this job because residents change in their interests and abilities change over time
Beth 7th Jun 2020 Lifestyles Specialist
Hi Margo,
Are you in Skilled Nursing? If so, there are rules and regs you can read online.
Susan 8th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for this information Beth

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