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Pam 12th Jun 2020 Activity Director
What is everyone doing for the 4th of July. We are planning the annual cook out on the 4th for residents, we will have lemonaide and Watermellon on the 3rd. I would like different ideas, something different we can not do fireworks.
Freya 12th Jun 2020 Activities Therapist
You could make fireworks with your population out of cardboard from the paper towel or toilet paper rolls. You’ll need red, blue, white construction paper, pipe cleaners, and star stickers. You can utilize the fireworks they create as centerpieces for your table on the day of your event. Patriotic sing-alongs and confetti poppers might be a good addition to your event. Typically we do a resident and family barbecue with entertainment since we’re still socially distancing and not allowing visitation, we’re brainstorming ideas. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I hope my ideas are helpful to you.
Susan 13th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Freya
You have shared great ideas thank you

Pam another simple idea is to play patriotic music and have the residents draw fireworks while listening very easy to do

You may also want to read this comment for more ideas
Pam 13th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Freya Thank You for the idea I will use this. I can not think of anything but if I do I will share.
Tammy 24th Jun 2020 Activity Director
We are going with a 4th of July Fair theme w/ some karaoke for entertainment. We to are still social distancing. Fair Foods with lots of funnel cake, corn dogs, cottoncandy, popcorn Turkey legs. PARTY PARTY!!!!!!
Susan 24th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Sounds good Tammy
Let us know how it turns out
Pam 25th Jun 2020 Activity Director
All of these comments sounds wonderful. Thanks so much. I plan to use some of these ideas.
Susan 25th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Pam
Let us know how your celebration turned out
I am sure it will be great
Pam 14th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Friday, SAturday and sunday we had the following.
I did ice cream in cones.
We had the karoke, singing patriotic songs and the residents loved this. We have since done other types of music also.
We had watermelon and lemonaide social on front porch.
thank you for all the ideas.
We also did a firework craft and displayed it for ever one to see them.
Susan 14th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Wow Pam that sounds great
Glad everything worked out so well

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