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Katja 8th Jul 2020 Recreation Activiites Officer
I'm having a Roaring Twenties Day on Thursday, 30th July. Do you have any activities relating to this? I'm unable to find anything...its a great topic....
Susan 11th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Katja
A roaring 20s day is a very good idea
I do not see that in the calendar but that’s a good idea because we are in the 20s now
I have never done a roaring 20s day
How independent and cognitively good are the residents you are having this for??
Is your place of business impacted by COVID-19 so that people have to stay away from each other??
Here are some simple ideas
Have the residents make invitations or if they have to social distance then they could make reminders to them
Ask a trivia question about the roaring 20s On the invitation
If the resident answer the question and attends the activity then they have a chance to win a prize
Have the core group invite others who they think might be interested
You and or the residents make decorations
Collaborate with the food service director about what to serve during the day
Show the movie the great Gatsby
Perhaps we can collaborate about more ideas and share them with the golden Carers group
You could also ask this question on the golden Carers Facebook group
Pam 14th Jul 2020 Activity Director
We did a roaring 20 murder mystery. We use black/gold decorations ETC. We served finger foods after the mystery was solved.
Susan 14th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Thats a great idea Pam thanks for sharing

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