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Veronica 24th Jul 2020 Companion Care
I am asking for any advice on a sensitive subject, workplace harassment when the harassment is coming from the client. Has anyone's company addressed this subject with the clients before they signed a contract for services? If so, how did the company approach it? How can I help the company I work for approach the subject with the client. I am asking because my company has asked me to research and try to find a way to inform the client our policy by being tactful yet making sure the client fully understands the policy. Anyone have any advice? Thank you so very much!
Susan 24th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Veronica
What type of clients do you have??
Persons with dementia may harass the staff and really there’s not much you can do about that
Some older individuals have prejudices which can impact how they treat the staff
I think you have to be clear about your facilities policies
Tell the client what you back
Perhaps you can have a booklet and have them sign something saying they understand what you’re talking about
This can be tricky if your facility really wants more clients because some places won’t be as strict as yours
Kerry 24th Jul 2020
We have had this problem and we did a client session on 'updated' policies and procedures... We were address a number of policies and just integrated the policy regarding to the issue in it, made it very clear and asked everyone if they understood.
Afterwards it was very easy to take to the client regarding the problem after a few weeks when they showed inappropriate behavior again.
Failed that, perhaps getting in an advocate might help.
Susan 25th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for your input Kerry
Solange 25th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Veronica. Most long-term care facilities have residents like that from time to time. It is inevitable and it is important to recognise and stop any communication that comprises bullying, racist and derogatory slurs, and disrespectful behaviour. Serious measures must be taken to resolve the situation once an investigation fails to produce positive results. Above all, staff must be supported in setting limits to these challenging behaviours even if the perpetrator is an elderly person. My experience in this matter involved alerting the resident’s family of ongoing problems. Following, a meeting with the resident and at least one member of his family, the facility’s manager, and the staff involved. Using empathy and positive language the manager will explain to the resident that mistreatment of staff is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. He will mention that the resident’s rights may not infringe in another person’s rights. The manager will convey to the resident that if he/she is very unhappy in the facility he is free to find another facility where he could be happier.
This meeting is invariably successful. Most residents don't want to move out. However, if all attempts are exhausted and the bad behaviour continues, long-term organizations in many countries have the right to ask the family to take their loved-one elsewhere.

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