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Tanisha 31st Jul 2020 Social Services Coordinator
Good morning!

I'm looking for suggestion on what to put on my hallway bulletin boards at the senior apartment building I work in. I've had the "bored board" and "encouragement board" up but it's time for a change. Any suggestions, ideas, etc..

Thank you all and be well,
Susan 31st Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Tanisha
You could have sunflowers as your central theme
You could have some of the residents create some sunflowers and you put them on the board
You could have a resident color in this Claud Monet
sunflower poster
You then may want to use some ideas from this day in history in August

Tanisha 1st Aug 2020 Social Services Coordinator
Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas. I will use the sunflower one.

Be well,
Heather 2nd Aug 2020 Life Enrichment Aide
what about inspirational saying board, joke board
Susan 2nd Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Heather
Those are great ideas
Tanisha 4th Aug 2020 Social Services Coordinator
Good morning Heather,

I did that a few months ago. They don't pay any attention to it .
Susan 4th Aug 2020 Activity Director
That is too bad Tanisha
I know you like the sunflower idea
Perhaps you can have a meeting with some residents and see what they might like

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