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Dawn 5th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
One of our participants is blind and is in a wheelchair bound. I am sending activities to some of our families to do due to us being closed since March from COVID. But I am looking for some activities that I can send home to him. Any ideas?
Susan 7th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Dawn
How nice of you to think of this client
Does this client live alone
Does this client live alone??
Even if he does live alone I am sure there are people who come in to check on him periodically
So you could send things that they could do together such as trivia??
Does this person like to sing because you could send a song book that he and his caregiver could share??
Hopefully this person was seen by someone from the commission for the blind because they provide items that blind people can use such as a tape player or a talking clock??
If this person has a tape player maybe you can send a message on tape
You could send some sensory items that could be shared with the caregiver such as meditation instruction
Do you know what this person does to occupy his time??
You may be able to adapt and modify some things

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