Rainbow Guided Meditation

Rainbow Guided Meditation

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Before beginning, I do a short talk about the many benefits of meditation, (improved memory, better sleep, less anxiousness etc) to reinforce their willingness to attend.  Keep to a slow pace, watch the tone of your voice, keep it happy and light and give your group time to absorb each sentence you say. Enjoy.

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Mandalay Lifestyle Department 3rd Mar 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator
Love this thanks Golden carers
Sue 31st Mar 2020 Therapy Assistant
Just reading this post, I felt so relaxed. I can imagine using a slow, calm voice and putting us all to sleep! Looking forward to using it. Thank you for adding it.
Joanne 17th Nov 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
There is also a similar one in the Starting Points for Activities and Programs / Books 1 & 2 - can't recall off the top of my head which one it is in, but it is a good one to use too and I find that residents are tended to be relaxed by the end of the session. Good work on putting this one together for us.
Susan 24th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Sounds like a good idea Linette
Thank you for sharing
Linette 23rd Oct 2019 Program Manager
I am going to try this with my woman's group. What do you think if I add a diffuser? Then have sweet lemon-orange water ready and turn it into a discussion group.
Patricia 19th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Co Ordinator
The idea of a diffuser is a good one. Not sure what you mean by turning it into a discussion group? A discussion about what? It's important to get feedback after the meditation this would be a responsible thing to do. And to make sure they are grounded. This is often a private experience though.
Susan 22nd Oct 2019 Activity Director
What do you want find Leeanne
Leeanne 22nd Oct 2019 Activities Coordinator
This is amazing but it seems very long . How do you find it
Patricia 22nd Oct 2019 Lifestyle Co Ordinator
Hi Lee and, thanks for your question. My residents have been meditating well over 12 months now and are able to handle longer meditations. They sometimes say they "don't want to come back." Beginners can do 15mins.. up to 35mins can seem like no time t ok a more advanced student