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Leaann 9th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Anyone have any fun themed activities for National Assisted Living week? My Sister community is doing Oscar nights...with the residents attending a different "premier" three nights next week. My ED isn't crazy about the idea and wants for me to come up with something else.
So far I was thinking, A Spirit Day on Monday, Hawaiian Day on Wednesday and maybe a Carnival on Friday but I'm afraid all 3 would be too costly and out of budget. The Oscar idea is nice as it only 8 residents at a time can attend but it just repeats itself with just a different movie, definitely more cost effective.

If you have any fun ideas PLEASE let me know!
Susan 9th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Solange 9th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Leeann. You could try gathering some baby photos of yourself, and other staff plus some of the residents to have a fun couple of hours entertainment.
You could play 'Who is in the Photo?". Gather at least 12 baby photos and display for residents to guess who they are. They may work in groups or alone. Give clues if needed e.g. 'she works here or she/he lives here
You could also have a "Carpet Bowls Tournament". Divide residents into groups of 3 and have token prizes for the winner group. Repeat the tournament changing the group players. Here are a couple more.
'Remembering the 1960s' - with music, food, fashion, and the world without media!
'Poster Competition' - Divide them into groups of 3 to create posters with positive catch-phrases about growing old.
All the best. Keep safe.
Leaann 11th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Thank y'all so much! Great ideas!

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