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Dawn 9th Sep 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi All, I am new to being an activities coordinator, only been doing it for a month, I work 40 hours and between 2 floors, Nursing downstairs, and residential upstairs with over 40 residents. Majority of the time no one wants to do anything, so I do one to ones or room visits.
They love balloon volleyball, and gaint snakes and ladders, skittles and quoits, now and again I will get the to do some easy arts and crafts.
My problem is a lot are dementia patients, so some days they just want to sleep, but I have 3 blind ladies who I struggle to do things with, apart from them enjoying a good sing a long and playing instruments.
I see people mention sensory things, but we don't have anything really, and I've been warned what I give them as they put things in their mouth.
Can anyone advise me of anything I can do with the blind ladies, or anything else really as a newbee.
Much appreciated
Diane 10th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
I have one blind resident who once could see and he really enjoys a game I play called What's in the Bag? You put common everyday items into a cloth bag one at a time and have them guess what the items are by feeling them. Some things I've used are kitchen gadgets, office supplies like roll of tape, hole punch, pen, pencil, stapler etc. Another thing he enjoys is trivia.
Good luck!
Solange 10th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Dawn, the recommendation of Diane for vision-impaired residents is very good, I also had good results with 'What's in the Bag'. You could also try air-dry clay for sculpting; they can mold whatever they want; small bowls and vases, hearts to hang on walls, flowers, animals. They can later paint or decorate to their choices. The visually impaired relies on sounds, smell, and touch. A game of scents entertains and aids the memory e.g. small jars od kitchen scents like cloves, cinnamon, star anise, or fresh herbs; mint, rocket, coriander, and parsley. You can also ask relatives for donations of pieces of fabric: velvet, silk, lace, wool to reminisce how those fabrics were used in their youth. Keep safe.
Sarah 11th Sep 2020 Engagement Worker

Have you thought about edible scented playdough? You could add textures to it also. Like lavender with dried rice or strawberry flavoured with seeds?

Also you could make scented edible paint?

What about guess the food? A tasting game where you get them to taste things like jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter etc and guess what they are? You could do this with drinks also? Flavoured squash, milkshake etc?

Another idea a bit like whats in the bag, they could search through sand to find items and guess what they are, or in water?

What about using pva glue to write big words and seeing if they can feel the raised letters and tell you what they say? You could add a scent to the glue to make it more interesting.

You could try guess the song... Play the first 30 secs of a song and ask them to guess what song it is and who sung it? Songs from their era xx

Gwyneth 14th Sep 2020 Volunteer
Hello Dawn, I am a volunteer at a Vision Impaired Centre, and we have 5 totally blind members, and they like playing dominoes, they are a standard set of tactile dominoes with raised black dots on white tiles and they manage these very well. I am not sure where you could get yours from, it is such a long time ago since I bought ours, but you could look on google. All the best Gwyneth

Susan 15th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sarah and Gwyneth
Thank you for your wonderful ideas

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