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Di 7th Dec 2012
I work on one of my shifts in a special needs unit one of the Nurses who is in charge seems to have a problem with me, I have asked her and she denies this,However I cant do much right when I'm there.

Sometimes I will be walking around doing a quick 1-1 with the 20 residents and if someone needs more time they've got it. This Nurse will say mmm doesn't seem to be much happening is there going to be an activity today? or You really need to get them active or its going to be hall for afternoon shift.

Yesterday I decided to just dive straight in with bowling I had 8 resis' sitting ready for the game. I was successfully letting a client take a few extra minutes to stand up and use her walker to come over to the bowling area, this nurse walked over grabbed the resident by the arms and said stand up now and get going the resident showed signs of anger and rebellion but did stand up the nurse turned to me and said There not so hard is it ?

Then as I walked this resident around the table another resident (2) who has recently had a broken hip was standing up I stopped to seat her back down and the nurse came over and told me to leave her that resident (1) didn't know where she was going and I should look after her (she was right beside me, lost but beside me).

I suggested resident (2) join us as she loves bowls and it is seated, the nurse agreed and then made a huge point that she should not stand, I agreed. However Resident (2) had 1st bowl, 3 turns each and on 2nd bowl hit another residents ankle which upset that resident.

As I picked the ball up and quickly comforted her Resi(2) stood up concerned. The Nurse flew over and told me that if she broke another hip it would be my fault ps we also have dining chairs with wheels on that every one uses to move residents around on but was told by the nurse today no way that is allowed, Ok won't do it ever again and she made resi walk to game with stand up frame.

I told Nurse I understood danger for resident 2 but then tried to explain what happened where she raised her voice and told me resident 2 was priority nothing else matters. Ok so why was resident that was lost a priority 5 mins ago when she was right with me any way ? with that she wheeled resi 2 away on dining chair got a folder from the nurses station slammed it onto the table and sat right beside resident 2.

I finished our bowling game brought all ambulant resis' to table ready for morning tea non ambulant were wheeled over in dining chairs by PCAs. Help me I'm tryng here but double standards maybe ???
Julie 8th Dec 2012 CNS Diversional&Recreational Activities for the Elderly
Sorry to hear about the hassel you are having. Keep doing what you are doing. You are there for the residents you are caring for and obviously doing a great job.

REPORT that nurse, that type of behaviour is not acceptable. Some nurses don't understand the importance of recreational activities for the elderly. I am a nurse myself and if other nurses don't see a group activity taking place they presume that nothing is on.

Individual activities are just as important to ensure that all residents have access to a meaningful activity. Why was that nurse in the room when you were doing Bowls? Why didn't she join in rather than give orders?

Seems to me like she needs some education on recreational activities and how to treat people. She seems to be abusing her position.

All residents are important and none of us would like to see a person falling. However stating one person is more important than the others is not on.

You were in the room so all residents were supervised and stimulated.
Maurie 8th Dec 2012 Allied Health Assistant/ RN Div 2
I have worked in both areas- I think both staff attitudes need to be addressed.

I see we make a difference to the clients wellbeing and we compliment what the nurses are doing as they do to our job. I don't see our roll as more important or less important.

I now work in Day programs and for that to run smoothly it takes a whole team of people starting with the clients and their needs. Follows through with a wide range of other staff from the taxi driver/bus driver who brings the clients in. To the people who mow the lawns collect the garbage, do maintanince. To the mail man, the person who delivers the meals, the courier, the entertainers that give up their time the volunteers, the person in the radio room at the taxi company, the volunteer coordinator Allied Health assistants CEO of the facility.

Until you can get your head around all of those people and many more people Dr's, District Nurse, Council workers, plumbers that keep the toilets unblocked etc etc etc you are going to have issues.

We all compliment each other. I know this sounds very broad but having been Div 2 (still am) 16yrs and now working in recreation since 1987 I have got my head around all the areas it takes for 1 client to be happy.

We are not Gods gift to recreation we are working as a TEAM for that persons well being.
Di 8th Dec 2012
Thank you Julie for your encouraging comment,I am going to document any problems I have with this nurse so that if further problems occur I can report accurately what has been going on.
I write up the days activities on a large whiteboard.
Everyone is able to see what is planned for the day, family, residents and staff. If its written up you have no need to worry what people think is not happening. You do not have to account to them, just look after your residents. Keep up the good work!
Veretta 26th Mar 2018 Recreational Therapy
I am going a similar situation. People openly talk about me and make negative comments to me in front of the patients. Sometimes people even compare me to the previous recreational therapist that worked on the unit. Most of the time it hurts but I will just encourage you to stay encouraged and keep doing your job the best you know how. Recreation is very important.
Kim 10th Apr 2018 Registered Nurse
work place bullying, intimidation and rough treatment of residents are all reportable offences. You may have a case against this staff member or at least you might mention these facts to her .you are not there for her to enhance her own feelings of power. stand her up on her actions and make it known you are in charge of your department not her. just make sure you are working to policy. there is no place for this sort of behaviour especially in front of residents. Maybe a face to face mediation.

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