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Julie 4th Oct 2020 Program Coordinator
Does anyone have any ideas to celebrate the upcoming Election Day?
Susan 5th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi Julie
It may be too late but any resident who is registered to vote please help them
After that you have to keep things neutral because this year especially the Democrats and Republicans are really at odds with each other
You could talk about past elections or past presidents
like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or if a president was born in your state
Susan 5th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Julie
First of all congratulations on joining this wonderful group
As you may have noticed there are many intelligent creative members here
I have some more ideas
You may want to use some ideas that you used for the Fourth of July to make your facility look patriotic
You may want to talk about patriotism and sing some patriotic songs
If you need more ideas let me know

Talita 11th Oct 2020
Hi Julie, we have some more ideas for celebrating election day here:
Elaine 13th Oct 2020 Activities Director/ Speech Path
If you go to the Pininterest sight, you can download for free many activities including Mad Libs,
Word searches, word scramble and even a board game “ Race to the White House”. There are also 2 different election Bingo games available. Hope this helps.
Susan 14th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Wow Elaine
Thank you so much for this information it should be a big help
Julie 14th Oct 2020 Program Coordinator
Thanks so much!
Susan 16th Oct 2020 Activity Director

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