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Melanie 19th Oct 2020
Hi everyone,

This week I wanted to make leaf bowls with my residents. I saw the idea on Pinterest and it seemed straight forward.
All I needed was glue, balloons, brushes, leaves, and a bowl to hold the balloon in. I tried doing this but didn’t have a bowl. Regardless, the leaves just didn’t stick well. There is also clear midge pudge shown in inside of bowl. Any tips how do this correctly with it working?
Here is link
Solange 19th Oct 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Melanie, you do need a bowl. (glass, stainless, or stoneware). Place the bowl upside down and cover with a layer of plastic wrap. Smear Mod Podge or any wood glue all over the plastic wrap and start layering the leaves as you like. Once the bowl is completely covered place another layer of plastic wrap over the leaves to hold them in place. Put it to dry for 4 or 5 hours. Remove the outer plastic wrap gently and let dry overnight. The next day ease your beautiful bowl of leaves out of the reminder plastic wrap layer. Good Luck!
Melanie 21st Oct 2020
Good plan!!
The glue that I used, you can see in the inside of the bowl. Any advice on how to not see the dried glue?
Elisa 25th Oct 2020 Senior Activity Coordinator
I have never done this with leaves. Only have ever done paper-mache bowls. But to make the finished bowl look nice I always varnish the inside and outside of the finished bowl a couple of days after it has dried complexly.
I have used mod podge and decupage varnishes for this and they always made the surface nice and even.
A friend uses spray varnishes for mixed media but I am not good at using sprays.
Susan 26th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for the advice Elisa

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